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  1. HB024 - Phoebe
    HB024 - Phoebe
    SGD 85.00 (Exclude GST)
  2. HB009 - Sorelle
    HB009 - Sorelle
    SGD 108.00 (Exclude GST)
  3.  HB011 - Rumi
    HB011 - Rumi
    SGD 108.00 (Exclude GST)
  4. HB047 - Amara
    HB047 - Amara
    SGD 88.00 (Exclude GST)
  5. HB050 -  Gisele
    HB050 - Gisele
    SGD 108.00 (Exclude GST)
  6. HB051 - Elise
    HB051 - Elise
    SGD 88.00 (Exclude GST)
  7. HB049 - Dalia
    HB049 - Dalia
    SGD 68.00 (Exclude GST)
  8. HB063 - Hailey
    HB063 - Hailey
    SGD 70.00 (Exclude GST)

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At Onlyflora, we help you to convey your warm wishes to your loved ones, friends and valued business associates through exquisite ensembles that express your feelings aptly.

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